Research Projects

  • INSIDER Project

    INSIDER Project

    Associated Investigator and Unit Leader for italian PRIN INSIDER: INtelligent ServIce Deployment for advanced cloud-Edge integRation.

  • Project Project

    2022 – 2025 Unit WP Leader for Strengthening the Italian RI for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics. Some related scientific publications are given below.

  • COGITO Project

    COGITO Project

    Unit WP Leader for PON COGITO – Dynamic and Cognitivi System to Allow Buildings to Learn And Adapt

  • GLAMOUR Project

    GLAMOUR Project

    2017-2021 GLAMOUR: Green Learning and Adaptive Multi-interface iOtenabled devices throUgh social inteRactions.

  • SuperScience Me 2020

    SuperScience Me 2020

    As for several years now, this year too I am participating in the SuperScience Me project.

  • DOMUS Project

    DOMUS Project

    Unit Activity Leader in PON Domus Techonolgical District – Project 1 – “Intelligent platform for monitoring and managing the in-home safety of people and structures.”

  • RES-NOVAE Project

    RES-NOVAE Project

    Participant to Italian Res-Novae Project: “Building Road Networks – New Virtuous Objectives for the Environment and Energy”

  • I-AMICA – Project

    I-AMICA – Project

    Trainee in I-AMICA Project: High-tech infrastructure for integrated climate-environmental monitoring