The process mining method described here has been integrated into the framework ProM, which supports a variety of tools for process mining.


In particular, we developed two plugins:

  1. DWS mining is a mining plugin that implements the whole process mining approach: it allows to build and browse a tree of workflow models for a given log - actually HeuristicMining algorithm provided with ProM is used to derive each model in the tree.

  2. DWS analysis is an analysis plugin that allows to analyse a given log in a interactive way: it allows to discover a set of features (discriminant rules) in the log, as well as to partition its traces into a set of clusters according to these features.

The main parameters that can be set when using the plugins are:

  • the maximum number and the maximum lenght of the features

  • the two thresholds sigma and gamma (shortly described in Introduction) used when searching for features

  • the maximum number of clusters that can be produced by a refinement step

  • the maximum number refinements that can be performed (only for the mining plugin)


System requirements

Both plugins obviously require the installation of ProM framework, as  well as a suitable Java Virtual Machine (version 1.4 or later).

In order to install ProM, please refer to the ProcessMining web site (section "Tools" ).



After installing ProM, please follow the steps below in order to install both plugins:

  • Download the files DisjunctiveWS.jar and doc.zip, containing the software and the associated documentation, respectively.

  • Let ProMDir denote the folder where ProM has been installed.

  • Put the jar file in the folder ProMDir\lib\plugins.

Now you need to modify the .ini file that are contained in the folder ProMDir as explained below, in order to make the framework ProM know about the existence of the two pugins.

  • Open the file analyses.ini (in ProMDir) with a text editor (e.g., TexPad). This file contains a list of the analysis plugins in the framework: a line of the form PluginName=ClassName appears for each of them. Please note that the PluginName acts as an unique identifier for plugins

  • Append to the list the line S=org.processmining.analysis.dws.DWSAnalysis. Please check whether the symbol S has already been used it the list: in this case a different one, that does not appear in the list, must be chosen.

  • Open the mining.ini file (in ProMDir) with a text editor. This file contains a list of all known mining plugins, with one line PluginName=ClassName for each of them.

  • Append to the list the line I=org.processmining.mining.dwsmining.DWSMiner. Please make sure that the PluginName chosen does not already appear in the list.

Finally, open the ProM.bat (in ProMDir) with a text editor and append to the classpath list the line set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;.\lib\plugins\DisjunctiveWS.jar.



Through ProM's GUI you can make use of both plugins.

In particular, notice that two novel entries appear in the list of process mining and analyis tools, respectively:

  • Disjunctive Workflow Scheme Algorithm, which can be accessed choosing the operation Open New Log from the menu Mining;

  • DWS Analysis, which can be applied to any workflow model mined with ProM (including those that appear in a tree of models)



Notice that currently both plugins do not cope with the presence of loops in the process.

In any case, if the plugins do not work properly, please ask to Antonella for assistance.

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