I am a software and network engineer. Now I'm working with the National Center of Research (ICAR) area networking in Cosenza as the network manager.
I graduated from the University of Calabria, specifically at the DIMES with the "Culture Lab" http://culture.deis.unical.it in the Department of Telematics.
Currently, I'm collaborating with this department on several projects related to mesh networks, and with computer science associations "Hacklab Cosenza" http://hacklab.cosenzainrete.it/ and "VerdeBinario" http://www.verdebinario.org/.
Finally, I'm a freelance columnist for Italian magazines "Linux&C" http://www.oltrelinux.com/ and "Linux Magazine" Linux Magazine Edizioni Master and for the international magazine "BSD Magazine" http://bsdmag.org/.
I am very interested in the developments in mesh technology, security in wireless networks and the integration of complex services in MANs.
I also work on systems with a focus on RTP and Asterisk VOIP made services. Now I live in Calabria, in the deep south of Italy, but I have traveled throughout my country for work for five years. Now I'm back in my hometown. I'll see what the future holds for me...