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Special Issue of the Journal of Computational Science, Elsevier


“Advanced Computing Solutions for Health Care and Medicine”


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It is undoubtful that Computer Science and Health Care are two research fields that, especially recently, are sharing common topics. Many conferences (e.g. see CBMS - Computer-Based Medical Systems and ICCS - International Conferences on Computational Science) have been organized where both computer scientists and physicians discussed about research problems and results of common interests.


Similarly, measurements, communication and electronic engineering communities are presenting their results to medical doctors and biologists communities for health care and life quality applications. There are research problems in computer science that are critical while addressing issues related to health care and there are research topics in biomedicine and in health care that cannot be addressed without computer science applications.


For instance, in the first direction (computer science versus health care), high performance computing and communications, (large) data base management techniques, data quality and real time communications poses research problems that find application and validation in health care management systems where performances cannot accept any compromise. In other words, the health care domain can be considered as a realistic validation platform for many computer science solutions.


On the other side, health care information and management systems are currently one of the main interests for health care actors. Significant improvement in efficiency and effectiveness in health care strategies have been improving by using information and communication technologies (ICT). High-performance and large-scale health care applications pose different challenges to computer science such as in distributed data management of medical images, high-performance simulation of organs or biological systems, data mining and warehousing of large health care data stores, just to name a few.


The goal of this special issue is to collect high quality papers containing results in computer science applications for health care and medical environments. In particular, we invite papers on solutions and prototypes that already have found their utilization in clinical houses or in biomedical laboratories, both in patient front solutions (such as surgery room, electronic patient records improvements, medical doctor decision process) or in back office solutions (such as in biological laboratory, off line clinical data analysis).



Research areas of relevance to this special issue would therefore include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

-        advanced solutions for clinical information system

-        bioinformatics applications for genomics and proteomics

-        bioinformatics applications for medical images

-        medical data and communication integration

-        high performance computation within health care applications

-        Peer-to-Peer and large scale social networks techniques for health care problems managements (e.g., epidemiological control and studies)

-        data management and communication improvements in large scale health care systems

-        large-scale Electronic Health Records

-        high-performance simulations of organs

-        high-performance simulations of biological systems

-        large-scale, trans-national health-care infrastructures and applications


The special issue is also interested in computer science solutions integrated in electronic devices, or high performance communication solutions supporting health care management problems, as for instance:

-        telemedicine,

-        integrated Informatics Systems for Medicine,

-        high performance and portable clinical data management solutions.




Paper submission:                            30 September, 2010, 30 October, 2010

First Decision notification:            15 December, 2010, 12 February, 2011

Revised Paper Submission:             31 January, 2011, 15 March, 2011

Second Decision notification:        31 March, 2011, 30 April, 2011

Final papers:                                     30 April, 2011, 30 May, 2011

Tentative Publication                       Schedule: 2011




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-        Mario Cannataro, University Magna Græcia of Catanzaro, Italy

-        Joakim Sundnes, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway

-        Pierangelo Veltri, University Magna Græcia of Catanzaro, Italy

-        Rodrigo Weber dos Santos, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil