1st International Workshop on
Artificial Intelligence for Health (AIxHealth 2019)



held in conjunction with the 18th International Conference of the
Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIIA 2019)


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Workshop will be held in Aula 1, Cubo 11CD, Ground level - see  Room Map



In the recent years, Computational and Artificial Intelligence have been intensively used to improve patient care and to help doctors and health care professionals get better the quality and efficiency of services In this way, this field of application is strongly developing, covering many relevant sectors of medicine, from diagnostics to health, and from wellness to smart devices. AI is becoming a necessary “core” of all the new applications in medicine, due to the capacity of these models of learning not only from experience but also from data, in many cases the so called big data. For example, AI today is used in many applications for Health and Wellness, Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis, to study drug design and antibiotic resistance, to analyze Neuro and Medical images, to design Brain-Computer Interfaces and Electronic Health Records, the new Surgery Robotics and to make the Personalized Medicine.


Workshop Organization:

The workshop is organized by invitation to cover in the best way the areas of interest with original works or works published in prestigious international journals, with the aim to give a picture of the state of the art in models, problems and applications of AI in the most interesting areas of health and medicine. Speakers will illustrate relevant applications and the relate models and architectures presenting both original work and their recent published papers.

The first area of interest is that of Medical Imaging, varying from electron microscopy, to radiological and endoscopic images up to neuroimaging. A second area is regarding Bioinformatics and Computational Biology with applications in Translational Medicine.  A third area is that involving Drug discovery and toxicity analysis. Other areas are those regarding the study of Big Data in Health.

Finally, Experts in medical devises illustrate the new problems and results obtained in this area with specific attention to smart devices (for example, lab-on-chip).

Invited Speakers are expected to register to AIIA 2019, the 18th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (https://aiia2019.mat.unical.it/).


Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Health, Medicine, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Imaging



The workshop tends to give an up-to-date picture of the problems and the many original and scientifically valid aspects of AI approaches to medicine, especially in the areas:

• Medical imaging

• Microscopic imaging

• Neuro-imaging

• Bioinformatics

• Translational medicine

• Big data in medicine

• Bio-medical devices

• Drug discovery & repositioning

• Drug toxicity analysis



Workshop organizers:

Prof. Roberto Tagliaferri

Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali - Management & Innovation Systems/DISA-MIS,

University of Salerno


Prof. Mario Cannataro

Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche & Data Analytics Research Center,

University of Catanzaro




Initial list of (potential) members of the program committee


Mario Cannataro (Universitą di Catanzaro)

Michele Ceccarelli (Universitą del Sannio)

Antonio Chella (Universitą di Palermo)

Angelo Ciaramella (Universitą Parthenope)

Pietro Ferraro (CNR – ISASI)

Salvatore Gaglio (Universitą di Palermo)

Pietro H. Guzzi (Universitą di Catanzaro)


GiosuŹ Lo Bosco (Universitą di Palermo)

Carlo F. Morabito (Universitą di Reggio Calabria)

Roberto Pirrone (Universitą di Palermo)

Roberto Tagliaferri (Universitą di Salerno)

Francesco Tortorella (Universitą di Salerno)

Mario Vento (Universitą di Salerno)